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B.E.N. is bringing to Israel what has been the winning way to connect businesses in the Western World for decades - transactions between sellers and buyers of businesses, mergers, sales and acquisitions in all active fields of the economy.


We have a unique system “The B.E.N. System for Connecting Businesses”, which connects and bridges the gap between businesses while personally accompanying the client during every step of the process, until the deal is closed.

B.E.N.’s business success stories are a result of professionalism, a thorough understanding and familiarity with the business, commercial and real estate markets. Furthermore, the Company recognizes the fact that a business connection is first and foremost a connection between people. For this reason, the company studies and understands human processes that constitute an important element of the path to closing the deal.

B.E.N. has quality databases of businesses on offer ( for sale, partnership and investment) and lists of potential investors. B.E.N. uses market research and strategy, preserves long lasting relations with investors and wealthy businessmen, identifies trends and anticipates future developments. All these are the company’s exclusive assets - the engine for your next business success.  

B.E.N. has set itself the goal of establishing the field of business connections in Israel and bringing with it different standards of professionalism, integrity, discreetness and ethics.     


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